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Hi Mrs. Berowski,

I know what a great feeling it is to finish your yearbook and see your community gather around open copies to relive the year. I hope you’ve had a chance to enjoy that! (And to relax a little.)

I’m writing today to also congratulate St. Francis Borgia School on being a TreeRing Green Yearbook School! Since you’ve sold 100 yearbooks, we’ll be working with our partner, Trees for the Future, to plant that many trees in your school’s name. And, because of that, you’re also eligible to use this badge on your website:

TreeRing Green Yearbook



Thanks so much for working with us. We can’t wait to see what you come up with next year.


Aaron Greco, CEO and Co-Founder


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Update for Tax Credit Scholarship applicants:

As anticipated, Big Shoulders Fund has received a significant number of applications and at this time is no longer requiring applicants to upload documentation for proof of residence or proof of income.  Even if the application does not ask you for your document uploads, please continue to submit your application. Your application and time-stamp are valid and will be saved when you submit your application. Like all applicants, after submitting your application you will receive a confirmation email with your time-stamp. If funds become available, we will reach out to you via email for additional information. Please be assured that Big Shoulders Fund aims to serve as many families as possible. We continue to work closely with current and prospective donors of the program. Last year, we received nearly 12,000 applications and we were able to award nearly $8 million in Tax Credit Scholarships to more than 1,300 students attending 110 schools. 
Como era de esperar, Big Shoulders Fund ha recibido un número significativo de solicitudes. En este momento, ya no estamos requiriendo que solicitantes someta los documentos para comprobar sus ingresos y su domicilio. De igual manera, por favor continúe con la solicitud. Como todos solicitantes, después de someter la aplicación, usted recibirá un correo electrónico confirmando  su fecha/hora oficial de entrega. Si hay fondos disponibles, nos pondremos en comunicación con usted para obtener información adicional en el futuro. Por favor tenga por seguro que Big Shoulders Fund aspira servir tantas familias que sea posible. Continuamos trabajar con donantes actuales y anteriores.  El año pasado, recibimos casi 12,000 solicitudes y pudimos otorgar casi $8 millón en becas de crédito tributario a más de 1,300 estudiantes en 110 escuelas. 
The link to the application can be found by clicking HERE.

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