SFB community symbol

SFB As A Community

The SFB works together as a community. We work together as one family. The SFB community stays close together to get through tough times. For example , during the tragedy of Victoria, the community helped the family and made many things for the family like drawing pictures for her, writing thoughtful sentences about her, making angels from each grade for her, and more. Our community stayed close with her family, helping them get through this rough time. We will never forget our little angel.

Coat Drive

During the coat drive, the SFB community works together to collect coats for the less fortunate kids who do not have coats or the homeless people.

Food Drive

All grades at SFB bring in food for people who do not have food and can’t go to the store and get groceries. The people who get this food are so thankful. We are a big help to them.

Adopt A Kid

As a community, all grade at SFB collect money for kids who don’t get presents on Christmas.We work together to make these kids happy. Each year, each class usually collects enough money for two kids. This year each class collected enough money to buy four kids gifts, rather than two.

The 8th grade

8th grade is a very generous group of kids. They have done so many things to help the school community. For example just as a class alone they made $110 for the Adopt-A-Kid Foundation. The 8th graders are the leaders of the school. They look out for the younger kids and stay positive.

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