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Alert! For Snowy or Icy Days When We HAVE School

Snow/Ice Weather Drop Off Plan

Everyone’s Patience and Cooperation is necessary to make the plan work and is appreciated.

When the plan is in effect: On heavy snow and ice days, the horses between the rectory and Stokes on Addison will remain in place closing that entrance.

Look for the neon turtle and flag by the driveway.


Please read and follow the directives.

  1. Students who walk to school will use only the main doors on Panama Avenue. Every effort will be made by the maintenance staff to see that the sidewalk and steps in front are cleaned and salted before they enter the building.

    Look for the neon turtle on the sidewalk in front of the main school entrance.

  2. Students who arrive by car will be dropped off at Door 7/Gym doors. The parking lot will be restricted to car traffic only – NO PEDESTRIANS. Cars coming from the “P” streets off of Addison enter the lot in front of the Stokes Center. Cars coming from the “O” streets off Addison or Forest Preserve Drive, use the entrance at the back of the lot off Forest Preserve Drive. Please refer to the diagram above. Drivers will proceed in a SINGLE FILE LINE and drop off students only when they reach Door 7/Gym doors. Three cars may unload at a time. PARENTS NEED TO REMAIN IN THE CAR as school personnel will assist students exiting each car. If possible, students should exit from the passengers side. Cars will then exit the lot through the driveway between the church and the convent. It is necessary that only RIGHT turns be allowed on Forest Preserve Drive to keep traffic flowing.

We all need to work together for the safety of our students! Thank you for your cooperation.

Snowy Day Drop Off