Extended Day Program EDP logo

We would like to welcome everyone to our Extended Day Program (EDP) at St. Francis Borgia. The program was initiated to meet the needs of working parents. The hours of operation are 6:30-7:45 AM and 2:55-6:00 PM.

The program is in effect on all scheduled school days. The program provides structured homework time, as well as open play and time for socialization.

Breakfast will be served in the morning until 7:25 AM. Snacks will be served in the afternoon. Most arts and crafts will also be included in the fee.

You and your child will hopefully be more than satisfied with the services provided by the staff for EDP.

If you have any questions about the program please call Renee Wlodarek the Director during EDP hours at 773-589-2016. The cost of EDP is tax deductible childcare.

Miss Renee also offers 4 additional clubs throughout the year: Chef Club, Soccer Club, Tiny Dancers, and Dodgeball Club. To participate the child must be enrolled in EDP, register and pay $5.00 per hour. The Chef Club has an addition fee for supplies.