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The Wizard of Oz will be performed

by the Drama Club this spring.

SFB is once again offering its students in 1st through 4th grades the opportunity to join a weekly one-hour after-school Drama Club. The cost for the 10-week session will be $50.00 per student.

Through collaborative and cooperative learning, students will be introduced to a theatre overview and include basic acting techniques along with fun creative activities that encourage personal growth and teamwork. Active participation in dramatic activities can nurture imagination, ingenuity, and a genuine love of the arts while helping to build self-confidence.

SFB’s Drama Club will meet on Thursdays from 3:00-4:00 PM. (Minimum of 10 students required….Maximum limit of no more than 25 students.)

Please be advised that during this session, we will actually begin to work on a play which will be performed in late Spring in conjunction with the second semester Drama Club.

Also, if interested in purchasing a Drama Club shirt for your child, the cost is an additional $10.00 and may be remitted along with the $50.00 fee.

Please complete and return the below form with your payment. Kindly provide us with the size you would like to have if purchasing a club shirt. Please know this is the same shirt as has been provided in the past and will be the same for the future as well if you so choose to have your child join the club’s session in January.

Thank you!