mike the basketball

Girls and Boys Basketball

  • -Our organization helps us advance our basketball skills
  • -We have both a boys team and a girls team.
  • -You can begin playing in 5th grade until 8th grade.
  • -Our basketball program teaches us sportsmanship
  • -Girl’s season runs in the fall.
  • -Boy’s season runs in the winter.
  • Join the boy’s teams today!
  • SFB Boy’s 2014-15 Basketball Home Game Schedule

    Tuesday, December 2nd vs. St. Edwards @ SFB 5-6-7-8 pm
    Tuesday, December 16th vs. St. Barts @ SFB 5-6-7-8 pm
    Friday, December 19th vs. QAS @ SFB 5-6-7-8 pm
    Wednesday, January 7th vs. IC @ SFB 5-6-7-8 pm
    Tuesday, January 13th vs. St. Tars @ SFB 5-6-7-8 pm
    Wednesday, January 14th vs. St. Juliana @ SFB 5-6-7-8 pm

    Away Games

    Tuesday, December 9th vs. St. Juliana @ St. Juliana 4:30-5:30-6:30-7:30 pm
    Thursday, December 11th vs. St. Tars @ St. Tars 5-6-7-8 pm
    Thursday, January 8th vs. St. Barts @ St. Barts 5-6-7-8 pm
    Tuesday, January 20th vs. QAS @ QAS 5-6-7-8 pm
    Thursday, January 22nd vs. IC @ IC 5-6-7-8 pm
    Wednesday, January 28th vs St. Eds @ St. Eds 5-6-7-8 pm

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