6th grade Borgia Science Projects

On the top floor of our building we have a fully functioning science lab.

    2 big lab projects
  • Disecting fish
  • Making paper

When you disect fish you must…

  1. Were gloves and goggles
  2. Be careful with knife while cutting

The purpose of disecting a fish is to see where the parts of the body are.


If you feel sick go out the door to the bathroom.

We used water and laundry starch to make the paper.


We used old notebook paper, tore it into little tiny pieces that were 2 cm by 2 cm.
For every 240 mL of water we added to the paper, we added 16 mL of starch.
We then scooped the torn wet paper, put on foil, and rolled it over with a rolling pin.
Next we waited over the weekend for it to dry. Finally we pulled the, now dry paper, off the foil.

We also do other labs that are smaller.

Once we got 2 potatoes and put them in to separate beakers. We then filled the
beakers with water. Then for only one of the beakers we added salt. We were doing this lab to see what potato will be harder.
The next day we took the potato out and observe them. The one with the salt was harder.